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Victoria launches solar technology strategy

The Victorian Government has released a landmark technology strategy for Solar Victoria — the agency delivering the state’s $1.3 billion Solar Homes Program. Solar Victoria CEO Stan Krpan officially launched the Solar…
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ECMs energy conservation measures - energy efficiency

Energy Conservation Measures / ECMs

How to maximise energy savings with energy conservation measures / ECMs: As energy prices continue spiralling upwards, big businesses and organisations are taking a serious look at cost-cutting to counter…
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Technology Review - Anaerobic Digester

Technology Review – Anaerobic Digesters

Ecosave’s experts review the latest innovations in energy and water efficiency measures, and technologies. This feature focuses on an anaerobic digester, its benefits, and the current users of this type…
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The World’s First Fuel

How energy efficiency is reshaping global energy systems Major global economies, including China, Germany, India, Japan and the United States, are making huge strides to improve their energy efficiency and…
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