Ecosave supports Waverley Council in delivering its environmental goals

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Ecosave was first selected by Waverley Council, in 2012, to provide an energy retrofit programme that would support the Council in meeting its vision of becoming an environmentally sustainable community.

Ecosave came to the project with over ten years of experience in designing and delivering successful energy efficiency projects, including programmes for the City of Sydney, North Sydney Council, Wagga Wagga City Council and Marrickville Council.

Since then, Ecosave has implemented energy conservation solutions in ten of the Council’s sites, including refurbishment and replacement of light fittings, installation of lighting and pump controls, power factor correction and HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) optimisation.

Collectively, these projects will cut electricity use by more than 1,000 MWh annually, saving close to $190,000 on the annual electricity bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,000 tonnes each year and reduce the Council’s carbon footprint by 15%.

Nicola Saltman, Senior Environment Officer at Waverley Council, said, “In September 2012, Waverley Council won the Green Globe 10-Year Sustainability Achievement Award for Council’s excellence in advancing environmentally sustainable practices. Our retrofit program with Ecosave was a part of that achievement.”

Ecosave also donates one native seedling for every tonne of CO2 and every 100 kilolitres of water saved, further contributing to its sustainability initiatives.

For more information about Ecosave’s work at Waverley Council, click here to read the case study.


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