Ecosave Interview Spotlight: Mr. Chris McKinnon of Total Power Solutions

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Chris McKinnon is the National Manager of Ecosave Power Quality. He has over 15 years of experience in managing projects for both the public and private sectors. Chris brings his knowledge and experience in the fields of energy management, power factor correction, harmonics mitigations and power quality.

Chris had previously worked with his father for Total Power Solutions, which was recently acquired by Ecosave. As a qualified electrician, Chris was brought into Ecosave to support installations and projects across a number of different projects. 

Chris was promoted as the National Manager of Ecosave Power Quality, leading the team to design and implement power quality analysis, solutions and products.

In a brief interview, we asked Chris several questions about his previous role at Total Power Solutions, his experience and the value he brings to the team and Ecosave clients.

Can you share with us your old work at Total Power Solutions? Given your new role here at Ecosave, what lessons can you bring from your previous role?

Chris: I worked for Total Power Solutions for more than a decade, and my main role was doing power quality designs, measurements, installations which were pretty much full turnkey projects. Aside from these, I also did everything: from business development and sales, taking job orders, delivering solutions and installing equipment. Basically, I’ve had extensive experience in all these areas and have specialised in end to end projects, from start to finish.

The skillset I bring, from my previous work at Total Power Solutions, would be my 10-year experience in the power quality industry where I’ve developed expertise in harmonics and power factor correction and power quality solutions in general. Keeping up with current technology, as it arises, is another lesson I can bring to my new role here at Ecosave.

As a Certified Electrician, what would you consider as your greatest achievement? Any notable projects you want to share with us?

Chris: Well, I would say my greatest achievement as an electrician, and a notable project too, was when we installed 89 harmonic filters for a casino in Macau. It was a fast-paced, turnkey project, which delivered fantastic results. I consider it as one of the highlights of my career as an electrician and a memorable one also.

Now that you’re working with Ecosave, what would you like to improve, especially with power quality and harmonics?

Chris: Oh, power quality and harmonics are hard areas to fulfill, but I definitely have to get more skilled people to help with the increased demand. It’s going to be a challenge however I am confident we’ll be able to find suitably qualified electricians to grow that area of power quality and harmonics.

Where do you see yourself, in three to five years, while working with Ecosave?

Chris: If all goes well, in three to five years, Ecosave will have a Power Quality team in each state. So, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane will have its own dedicated team. Each team can go out, and then do power analysis, install power factor correction and harmonics, and filtering sites. That would be a good goal, three to five years from now, having a dedicated team per state.

Do you have any special message for your Total Power Solutions clients and future Ecosave clients?

Chris: We’re always here to put the customer first. We go above and beyond to ensure that we find the best possible solutions for all our customers. Power analysis is more than just discovering faults on site. There is a correct process in measuring power quality and finding the causes of bad power quality.

Our goal is to make sure that before we turn over a project, the customer can see the improvements and corrections for themselves. We want to do it right for the customers and prioritise their needs.

The Advantage of Ecosave Power Quality

When it comes to power quality and harmonics, the right steps lead to the best solutions to eliminate bad power quality. Chris, and his team of experts from Ecosave, can help you save money while conserving energy.

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