Why choose Ecosave for Solar PV?

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At Ecosave, we take a holistic approach to energy conservation and energy savings, including embedded generation such as Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) among other Energy Conservation Measures in a fixed-price turn-key solution.

We undertake a site analysis and feasibility study of embedding Solar when we design your Energy Efficiency solution.

Ecosave has extensive experience with Solar project design, Solar installation, Solar analytics and Solar efficiency optimisation... More

We’ve designed and installed dozens of Solar PV solutions on a variety of sites such as Council buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, university campuses, open fields etc.

To date, Ecosave’s Solar projects typically generates 1,580,000 kWh annually.


Why choose Ecosave for your Solar PV project?

Ecosave Solar PV experience - Richmond Town Hall

Integrated Solar PV design

We match the Solar PV size with projected load and other embedded generation, and based on the savings delivered by Ecosave’s total energy savings project, not just on today’s or the last year’s load – Ecosave sees the total energy package.

Comprehensive solutions

Ecosave will design and deliver Solar PV in conjunction with other embedded generation to create a total energy delivery system. The system may include cogeneration to handle night time base load, Solar PV to handle daytime peak load and wind power to support your carbon reduction marketing message.

Single point of contact

By using Ecosave to manage and install not only Solar PV but the total energy savings package, you retain a single head contractor with oversight of the whole site. Energy systems are interrelated and proper design requires an understanding of how each of the parts work together. A single point of contact also means less time spent by
you managing sub-contractors.

Sophisticated Solar PV Analytics, monitoring & reporting

Ecosave will add your solar generation data to the Utility Management reporting and KPI monitoring service that Ecosave currently provides. You will have one portal for all metrics and a helicopter view of usage and savings. Consolidated visibility allows for greater control and greater savings.

25 year performance warranty

Every solar panel manufacturer offers a product warranty. The devil is in the detail. Our panel manufacturers are ‘Bankable’ meaning their warranties are reliable. They are well established, global brands, who have the best warranties on the market. Where most warranties are stepped from 90% of rated capacity to 80%, our panels have linear warranties which means your performance is guaranteed and claimable at any point within the 25 year period.

Product Independent

We do not own, manufacture or have exclusive distribution rights to any Solar PV panels. This leaves us free to create the optimal design with the most value based multi-technology package of solutions that are fit for purpose, maximising savings at each site.

Quality & value

The products that Ecosave installs are sourced from top tier manufacturers. The quality and performance of the products are constantly improving and the products we install will always be the best in the market. Even as you read this page, we continue to research the latest solar solutions to remain at the forefront of the technology. Quality means real results in higher performance and longer life expectancy of the product.

Fully funded projects

Ecosave offers a range of funding options, from Operational Leases to fully off-balance sheet Service Agreements and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).


To discuss how Ecosave can help you save money and resources with embedded generation and storage of renewable energy from Solar PV, talk to an Ecosave Solar specialist today. Call 1300 55 77 64 or submit your request online for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.


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