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Ecosave is a specialist Energy Services Company (ESCO). Our core business is the implementation of turnkey, end to end, performance-based delivery models to upgrade commercial buildings and industrial facilities to reduce energy costs, energy usage and emissions.
The Ecosave Australia & NZ leadership team is committed to protecting the health and safety of all persons in the workplace including employees, contractors and other visitors.

Ecosave Australia & NZ, employees, contractors and visitors have a duty of care including; the responsibility to work safely, to take all reasonable care for their own health and safety, and to consider the health and safety of other people who may be affected by their actions. This duty of care extends beyond Ecosave controlled facilities to all Ecosave work areas at client-controlled sites during Ecosave project works.

Ecosave Managers are responsible for fully resourcing and implementing company safety systems and for ensuring a safe work environment is provided for their team members. This includes ensuring integration of safety systems into our business processes and compatibility with our strategic direction. They are also responsible for promptly acting on any HSE injuries, incidents, concerns or issues they become aware of.

Ecosave Employees are responsible for fully participating in company safety management systems, reporting injuries and incidents and following all regulations and procedures. Every Ecosave employee, regardless of their position, has the authority to take action to reduce the risk of injury or illness in their work area.

Ecosave demonstrates this commitment through taking all reasonable and practical steps to improve work safety conditions in order to achieve its goal of zero harm. The company will achieve this by:

  • Complying with all applicable health, safety and environment laws, regulations and standards
  • Maintaining relevant policies, procedures, systems and information to support effective health and safety practices to prevent work related injury and ill-health across all operations including Ecosave controlled facilities and for project works at client-controlled facilities
  • Continued systems improvements and external certification to ISO45001 Safety Management Standard including provision of a framework to establish and track progress towards organisational health and safety objectives
  • Implementing risk and hazard management systems which are relevant and suitable for the organization’s risk exposure and that will eliminate hazards and reduce risk
  • Ensuring all managers remain directly responsible and accountable for the health, safety and welfare of their employees and providing adequate resources to assist managers in this cause
  • Provision of appropriate Health and Safety Training to all relevant persons and a demonstrated commitment to consultation and participation of employees and contractors
  • Establishing clear targets and objectives on an annual basis to improve HSE in the workplace
  • Effectively communicating HSE information to all employees through meetings and other forums
  • Consultation with all employees on HSE matters and proposed system changes, whilst establishing a positive and open safety management culture
  • Providing safe plant and equipment, for controlled work
  • Actively responding to and investigating all accidents and incidents, and ensuring injured employees and contractors are returned to suitable work at the earliest possible opportunity

Ecosave Pty Ltd will implement and maintain these systems, inclusive of standards, policies and procedures. These standards will be monitored regularly to ensure their integrity and effectiveness to facilitate continuous improvement. Our health, safety and environment committee are responsible for communicating our policy statement and the importance of effective safety management throughout the organisation

Robin Archibald
Group Managing Director Ecosave Australian & NZ
20th April 2020


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