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Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Energy Performance Contract

Client Overview

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD) is responsible for providing community health and hospital care for people living in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith Local Government Areas (LGAs) and tertiary care to residents of the Greater Western Region. NBMLHD is the proud associate of an international community of hospitals, health systems and health organisations, dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint and promoting public and  environmental health.

Challenges & Objectives

  • NBMLHD has obligations to meet the requirements and objectives of the NSW Government Resource Efficiency Policy, and;
  • Lead by example, by working to reduce the carbon pollution created by hospital operations and buildings, and
  • Play a role in supporting the community to advocate decarbonisation and protect our precious natural environment.

Energy Performance Contract

In order to achieve objectives and ensure outcomes are guaranteed, NBMLHD initiated an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) – a performance-based delivery model that maximises long term energy savings outcomes, with many benefits over traditional delivery models.

Ecosave was contracted to implement energy performance upgrades at five hospitals including Nepean, Lithgow, Blue Mountains, Springwood Hospitals, and Portland Tabulam Health Centre.

The EPC was greenlighted by the NSW Ministry of Health to directly support the NSW Government Resource Efficiency Policy (GREP) objectives and the project is financed via the NSW Government Finance Facility, a treasury loan structure that allows the energy savings to be used to pay for the EPC’s capital cost.

This landmark project will set the benchmark for energy savings in the health sector, providing a framework for emissions reduction that can be rolled out across NSW’s health facilities

– Scott Hanson – Energy and Sustainability Partner, Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

The Solution

At the core of Ecosave’s proposal for NBMLHD are a variety of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that will maximise the reduction in energy usage for the health district. These measures include:

  • 5.36 GWh reduction in Grid Electricity usage for NBMLHD – A massive 4.07 GWh from energy efficiency, and an additional 1.29 GWh from renewable energy generation.
  • Peak Demand Reduction of 785 kVA
  • More than 15,000 light fittings converted to LED.
  • 1,009 kW Solar PV System (across all sites)
  • Variety of mechanical plant and boiler upgrades
  • 254 Sub meters for Electricity (234), Gas & Water (20)

The EPC is currently being implemented over a two-year period, with ongoing monitoring and building optimisation services for 7 years post-implementation.

These projects will help NBMLHD achieve our commitment to reducing our environmental impact through energy management and resource effectiveness as outlined in the NBMLHD Sustainability Plan 2019-23

– Scott Hanson – Energy and Sustainability Partner, Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

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