Dairy Farmer Co-op a beacon of light for sustainability: cuts CO2-e emissions by 1,877 tonnes with Ecosave lighting project

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Summary Of ResultsTOTAL INVESTMENT $4.2 MILLIONANNUAL SAVINGS $1.2 MILLIONCO2 SAVINGS PER YEAR 6,500 TONNESAmcorCase Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – Amcor Amcor has energy savings in the bag Amcor, one of the…
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Industrial Packaging Manufacturing

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL INVESTMENT $4.3 MILLIONANNUAL SAVINGS $1.4 MILLIONRETURN ON INVESTMENT 33%CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 13,357 TONSIndustrial Packaging ManufacturingIndustrial Packaging Company cuts costs with Ecosave funded energy consumption reduction upgrades…
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Primo Smallgoods

Summary Of ResultsTOTAL INVESTMENT $ 3.7 MANNUAL SAVINGS $ 1.4 MRETURN ON INVESTMENT 38%CO₂ SAVINGS PER YEAR 6,194 TONNESPrimo SmallgoodsCase Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – Primo Smallgoods Primo Smallgoods hungry for…
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