Mission, Vision and Values


To deliver independent energy conservation and resource management services that save Ecosave’s clients money and meets their goals


To become the first multi-national Energy Services Company to offer every piece of the energy services puzzle.

To eliminate Ecosave’s clients’ reliance on polluting resources and support the sustainable economic development of all our stakeholders.

To become a recognised household name and the company of choice for water and energy efficiency.


Ecosave maintains its integrity by upholding the following values:

  • Delivering on client expectations and having client interests at heart
  • Maintaining efficiency through cost consciousness and continual improvement
  • Treating all staff with openness and using positive communication
  • Being team players who ask for help and willingly provide support, share knowledge and collaborate
  • Being honest, just and fair in all its dealings
  • Maximising returns to shareholders by generating above average profit growth
  • Selecting the best solutions for clients by remaining objective and not manufacturing products or having exclusive relationships with any suppliers
  • Taking responsibility by being proactive and accountable for all aspects of its roles
  • Being a socially responsible company that contributes to the improvement of the environment and society and encouraging employees to do the same
  • Valuing staff by:
    • Providing an environment for continual development and growth
    • Ensuring all roles are equally important and respected by all in the company
    • Filling roles based on ability and merit alone
    • Ensuring remuneration is based on results and is above industry average when KPI’s are exceeded
    • Respecting all people, celebrating diversity of cultures and upholding dignity
    • Maintaining health and safety in its working environment at all times